Starting an interior design blog is a lot like buying a house. You choose the neighborhood, number of bedrooms, style, colors, fixtures and finishes. Then you move in and get everything set up just the way you like it. And… after you’ve gotten settled, you’ll need to maintain your house, cut the lawn, repair any plumbing leaks, keep it clean, etc.

The same is true for a blog. You’ll decide on what platform, server, colors, layout, plug-ins, pages etc. Think of that part as moving in to your blog and setting up house. Then just like a real house, your blog will need regular attention and maintenance. Just as there are things you’d never do with a new house, there are things you would never do with a new blog as well. Here’s my list –

How Personal is Too Personal – It’s a fine line. First and foremost, remember that your blog is available for the entire world to see. As a result, be aware of details that you communicate (or reveal) to your readers. It’s ok to be friendly and personal, but always, always, always, remember it’s a business blog. Your readers want to know you, but they don’t want to know what you had for lunch.

Good Content – This is short, sweet and crucial! This alone will determine whether your readers will stay on your blog and read it or leave it.

Consider your Audience – Who do you want your interior design blog to be viewed by? Remember the internet does not filter users. If you want high end clients, you’ll want to speak to them and create a blog layout that will resonate with them.

Customer is King – Use words that are familiar to them. Try not to use slang or industry terminology that your readers wouldn’t understand. Would they get “FOB”, “lead time” or “8-way hand tied springs”? Maybe, but maybe not. Better to be confident that what you write will be easily understood by the average viewer.

Clean not Cluttered – Be careful not to ‘over design’ your blog. A simple blog without ads, moving parts, or patterned backgrounds will only enhance the look of your style and keep your readers eyes focused on what’s important… you and your content!

Make it Easy – When choosing a font, be sure it’s easy to read on the screen. Articles in your blog are meant to be read online. Use a clean, easy to read font.

Ask for feedback – Your reader knows best what they want. Their reaction and suggestions can only help in making your blog more attractive to them and other readers.

Blogging is fun and certainly not difficult to do. So get started showcasing your work with your own interior design blog!

For step-by-step instructions to help you set up your interior design blog properly, simply and easily, download our e-book “Boost Business with a Word Press Blog”

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