Because there are so many activities, responsibilities, soccer games to go to, dentist appointments, school events, even fun things, competing for your client’s attention, this may sound a bit odd… but it’s important to remind your clients of their own wants and needs! 

Below, I’ve listed three rock-solid, uber successful ways to get your prospect’s attention and bring in even more sales for your Interior Design business… now!

Tip 1: E-zines

Email newsletters (or e-zines) can give your interior design business great exposure and marketing ‘bang for the buck’. You can focus your E-zines on ‘how to’ articles or design ideas that bring attention to your creative talents or specialty. You’ll want to provide ideas and tips and communicate clearly the advantages of using your interior design services.

Tip 2: Postcard Campaigns  

Postcards are a great way to get your message in front of your prospects. Include your branding message and tag line in the post card and make sure you select an image and message for your postcard that your client will want to keep around. The Interior Design industry is all about ‘visual appeal’, so be sure to choose a postcard that your client will want to look at often. Some ideas are a beautifully designed beach home with an ocean view or an attractive statue or inspiring piece of artwork. When you make it beautiful your client will keep it around and your marketing message will last for a much longer time.

Tip 3: Start a Blog 

A blog on your website creates ‘stickiness’ that keeps your clients coming back to your website often. Make your blog a fun conversation and include ideas and design tips. An interesting and fun blog will create a reason for your client to come back regularly. Once they are there, be sure to make it easy for them to contact you for advice or for an appointment. Think of your blog as a conversation with a girlfriend who’s asked for some interior design advice. If you don’t have a blog, take a look at our ebook on how to get your own profit-pulling, interior design blog started.

Ezines, postcards and blogs are all tried and true, proven, marketing campaigns that work exceptionally well in the interior design industry. And… they can bring significant amounts of business in the door. If you are tired of ineffective advertising and wasting time with marketing efforts that don’t work and you want to attract high paying and high profile clients, get the help you need to create E-Zine articles, successful postcard campaigns and a blog that practically signs up clients for you! Contact Barbara to discuss working together to get regular, consistent clients in your door!

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