Write for Us

Would you like to be a guest blogger?

We are always looking for guest authors here at High Dollar Designer. You may write for us for any of the following reasons:

– Write for fun or to help others
– Write articles to get credit
– Write articles for money (make us an offer!)

What are the Terms?

We only accept articles that match the site’s standards of both writing and article content. The article must be at least 700 words in length (there is no maximum limit). Also, we do not accept plagiarized content. The article you submit to us cannot be published elsewhere (You can publish it on other site if we don’t accept the article).

What Topics to Write?

The best way to get a feel for what type of topics are best suited for this site is to take a look at the published posts on our blog. In general we like articles written on the following topics:

– Social media and marketing
– Mindset, masterminds, coaching
– How to build a better business and make money (tips, tricks, guides etc.)
– How to improve a small business and get the most out of it.
– Articles on landing better clients.
– Sales techniques and improvement tips (How to close more sales).
– Tips around how to launch a product or service successfully)
– WordPress related (WordPress plugins, themes, e-Commerce, membership etc.)


Please send your written article, in the body of your email along with an image that corresponds to the article. We will then review your submission. You may send it to admin@NOSPAMhighdollardesigner.com. (Remove NOSPAM to get the right address.) If your article qualifies we will notify you of the date of it’s publication.