Just like you’ve done on Twitter or Facebook, when it comes to Pinterest, you’ll want to begin building up your community and start getting social! Below I’ve listed a few tips on how to accomplish that…

1. Find people with similar interests and follow them. Comment on their images and re-pin a few of their pins. Yep, that’s right! Go out and search for the movers and shakers. See what they’re doing, what’s popular and interact with them.

2. Most Pinners fail to interact with their followers and the community they’ve built on Pinterest. You’ll want to be sure to welcome your new ‘followers’ to your community. This is a way of showing appreciation to your supporters and it has benefits.

3. Make sure the posts and products on your website are “pinnable”. Your followers on Pinterest will visit your website and review your work and products, especially if they like your images.

4. Write a blog post about your latest project and mention that your images are being showcased on Pinterest. Be sure to include a link.

Pinterest5. Link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This step will help boost traffic from your followers at these two social media giants to your Pinterest account and vice versa.

If any of this sounds ‘greek’ to you, and you’re not sure how to use Pinterest to promote your business, be sure to check out my webinar on How to Become a Pinterest Superstar. Don’t wait! Sign up today!

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