Blogging software such as Word Press and Blogspot were specifically designed to be simple to use (Yay! Good news for those who want an interior design blog but don’t have one yet). There are two very distinctive factors to consider when deciding on a blogging software. Getting set up properly and learning to use the software.

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to set up their own interior design blog using any of the so-called ‘easy’ blogging platforms (, Blogspot, Blogger) and I’m sure they’ll be the first to tell you –

a. It took waaay more time and effort than they ever anticipated
b. They felt overwhelmed, confused and frustrated during the process

Tips for Setting Up An Interior Design Blog –

1. Set it up properly – Even the least intimidating blogging software can feel very overwhelming to someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time learning about blogging and the various options available. Particularly for newer bloggers, learning how to perform the initial set up of the blogging software is THE most difficult part. And if not done properly from the start, it will affect just about every aspect of your interior design blog.

2. Don’t rush in – The main thing that will help you find success as you learn how to use the software, is to take things slowly. Many people get so excited about learning to blog that they rush headlong into the thick of things before mastering the simplest steps. Avoid the temptation to start exploring the most complicated features of the program right off the bat. This can lead to getting confused and feeling frustrated. Too many potential bloggers burn out during this stage of the process. If you take your time learning the basics of using your blog software before moving on to more advanced techniques, you will be much happier, more likely to retain what you’ve learned and enjoy your interior design blog more fully!

For step-by-step instructions to help you set up your interior design blog properly, simply and easily, download our e-book “Boost Business with a Word Press Blog”

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