Barbara Deckmeyer 250x375Hello! I’m Barbara, a website designer, marketer and interior designer in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA.

I know how important it is for you to hire the right person to help you… good people you don’t have to worry about, those with a lot of experience.

I understand that your first criteria is liking what you see in my portfolio – and I hope you do. I’m very passionate about my work and very proud of the compliments and rave reviews. But I also know it’s just as important for you to find the right person to work with.

Someone who puts you at ease and gives you the confidence to be your awesome self, knowing you’re in good hands and will build you a website that’s the perfect reflection of your business and one you’ll be proud of for a very long time.

That’s why I always schedule a “get acquainted” call with my clients before we get started working together so I can get to know you and your business, and capture your personality.

I know we’ll have a great experience together. But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve posted a few comments from my clients below, along with more samples from my portfolio. Check them out and if you like what you see, email me with the form on the page or feel free to just give me a call at 949-342-4564.

I’m excited to meet you!


My website and new branding are far more creative than I ever imagined. Barbara exceeded my expectations and made a website for me that looks amazing, runs smoothly, is user friendly and beautiful to the eye! I feel so blessed to have found Barbara. I’m proud of my website and I’m already getting much more traffic than ever before. I highly recommend her!

Candi Christman
C-Christ Ministries

If you are looking for a web designer and a marketer who is familiar with the interior design industry, and someone who also knows how to provide a visually stimulating website for your business… contact Barbara. She patiently walked me through the back end so now I can update my website on my own. If you’d like to talk to me about working with her, feel free to contact me directly.

Jacqueline S. Butler
ASID Interior Designer

Barbara is so up to date on the many ways to create a website that looks good and is mobile friendly…both of which I was missing. I feel so good now that she “brought me into this century’s look” and today’s technology! She added new freshness to the site and gave it a great polished look that I am really proud of. Barbara is an interior designer herself which is a big plus!

Linda Hunt
Interior Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing this?
I’ve had my own successful interior design business for 25+ years now. I also attended graphic design school and began studying marketing for many years. With a voracious appetite to learn new things, I eventually started helping others create marketing materials and systems for their own businesses.
What’s great about working with you?
I’m a down to earth kind of gal. (Yep, really.) I’m also known for being tech-savvy, and for coming up with fresh approaches to marketing that are fun for you. I look for ways to help you bring in more business so you can create more money NOW doing what you love. As an experienced interior designer, I’ve done the hard work of running a business and know what you struggle with. I’ve been there. I can relate. I also know how to get new clients in the door that are looking to buy from you.
How are you different from other consultants?
I’m not just an interior designer, or a graphic designer… or a marketer. I’m all three! And did you know there is a big difference? A graphic designer can create marketing materials and a ‘pretty website’ that wows and moves and talks and does all kinds of great things… but does it have the necessary marketing elements that will get your prospects to contact you? A marketer can put ‘calls to actions’, keywords and all the information your prospects could ever want or need on your website – yet if it’s busy, unattractive, or focusing on the wrong things… your ideal prospect could get turned off quickly and move on to the next interior designer. Again, does your website get your prospects contacting you or do they click away because you don’t have a blend of both the BEAUTY and the MARKETING that compels them to contact you?
How do you blend the artistic and the technical side of things?
I bring the creative expertise (focus, scale, balance, rhythm, harmony, etc) together with the technical marketing skills (copyrighting, calls to action, keywords, WordPress blogs, website development, etc) so your ideal prospect is ‘compelled’ and eager to work with you and you alone. I provide my clients – the beauty of the design, the marketing AND the technical. All in one.
Who do you work with?
I work with people just like you who are ready for a change. They are willing to invest in themselves. They know they need to invest in their business and they are motivated to get results. I’m not a generic, diluted, coach-of-all-trades or a low end, do-it-yourself advocate. I’m highly specialized for creatives and those in visual fields. The industries I work with run the whole gamut of professional services: • Interior Designers • Landscape Architects • Industry Partners & Manufacturers – Furniture, Wallcoverings, Flooring, etc. • Window Treatment Professionals • And more
What do you do exactly?
My team and I provide the following services for our clients –


  • Website Design
  • Marketing Consulting & Coaching
  • Home Study Products
  • Teach Workshops
  • Business Consulting
What kind of business owners get the best results when they work with you?
Being a creative design professional and a go-getter myself, I’m known to work best with other high achieving go-getters who are busy but they want help getting great clients in the door. My clients are motivated, educated, and want to be known as experts in their field. They love their business, but they’re tired of trading hours for dollars. They’re ready to take their business and income to the next level. My clients are naturally collaborative, appreciative and seeking a true partner to assist them in marketing their business effectively.
What is your proprietary system "7 Steps to Attracting High End Clients"?

Attracting a consistent stream of great clients, begins with understanding what MATTERS to your ideal client, what interests them, what their major struggles are, and what motivates them to buy from you. And it also means taking serious, focused action so you can have all the clients you will ever want or need. Contact me if you’d like to learn more about it. Does it sound like we might be a good fit to work together? Why don’t we take a few minutes to chat on the phone? Contact me and we’ll get a complimentary ‘get acquainted’ call scheduled so I can learn more about how I can help you attract more great clients.

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