Do You Use a Welcome Packet? 

Recently I’ve been updating my Welcome Packet and was reminded of the amazing opportunity I’ve been passing by when I’ve allowed myself to be ‘too busy’ to send one. A Welcome Packet provides an excellent opportunity to remind your new clients about your services. It sets the tone for your working relationship. And… you can also slip in a few additional marketing materials you’d like them to take note of.

So, what exactly is a Welcome Packet? It’s a package
that I send to new clients that welcomes them to my company. And here’s the main reason why you want to send one… it provides your new clients, the information they need to work with you effectively. Think of it as a “map” that leads your new client through your policies, services, and work processes.

Why Bother?

I like this definition as quoted by Alyssa Gregory –

“Every new relationship has a learning curve. While you can certainly navigate through challenges as they arise, a client welcome packet helps to smooth the path by acting as a client’s go-to resource for questions he or she may have. It doesn’t eliminate questions or challenges, or attempt to remove direct contact with the client, but it gives the client vital information about your company in one place.”


Top 10 Reasons

If it’s been awhile since you’ve used one, or maybe you’ve never used a Welcome Packet… I’ve listed my top 10 reasons to start, below

  1. Answer commonly asked questions such as what they can expect next – I’ve used this quite a bit with my clients and they’ve always loved it. We rarely have troubles when they know up front what to expect in the job process (especially since it was in writing)!
  2. Helps your clients feel welcome
  3. Lets your new clients know that you care about meeting their needs
  4. Positions you as a professional
  5. Increases their confidence in you and your services
  6. Establishes a solid foundation from the start by reiterating your company policies and procedures
  7. Shows off your work
  8. Sets up the opportunity to ask for a referral
  9. Establishes tremendous credibility
  10. Sets the tone from the beginning of your working relationship

What to Include in Your Welcome Packet

Here are a few items you might include… be sure to choose wisely. You won’t want to include ALL of them, as you don’t want to ‘overwhelm’ your new client with too much paperwork.

  • Thank you note
  • Welcome letter
  • Signed copy of their contract
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Services you provide
  • Payment policies
  • Company policies
  • Contact information sheet (yours)
  •  A recent company newsletter
  • Next steps, what they can expect next
  • Photos of previous projects you’ve completed
  • Postcards
  • Referral cards
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • List of services you provide

A Few Examples…

I’ve always been a big fan of Corina Nielsen’s welcome packages. They are fun, creative and actual boxes filled with gifts and surprise items relevant to her business. You don’t have to be a photographer to do this, any business can find fun, thought provoking gifts for new clients.

I like how easy they’ve made it to assemble this welcome packet… colored envelopes in your branded colors, a custom rubber stamp with your logo’s font and colorful images. I also like the natural kraft paper shreds and the burlap envelope contrasted against the creamy soft satin bow.

A little more complex in the assembly of this welcome package, but not too bad if you know how to sew. Create several at one time once you have the design finalized. I think the effect on your client would be worth the time involved. I like the simplicity as well as the layered FAQ’s that are included in the pockets. The twine wrapping gives an elegant yet thoughtful finishing touch.

For designers and those that work with fabrics or even paper… a fabric swatch book or page would be a fantastic element to include in your welcome packet. You could even give it as a client gift once the project is complete. You can decide how much information you want to provide. I’m confident your client will be thrilled at having an easy way to take their fabrics with them while out shopping.

Delivery of Your Welcome Packet

Some people prefer to send their Welcome Packet online, but I prefer to send mine by snail mail. It’s such an unexpected and welcome surprise for the client. And I love making my clients happy!

Whatever you do, make sure it’s branded with your colors, your logo, etc, and it looks fabulous! I’m designing a new welcome packet right now that’s square shaped, uses a clear envelope, ribbon and gorgeous paper!


Welcome Packet Resources

If you’d like to make your own welcome packet, I’ve listed just a few places to help you get started with supplies and even more inspiration. If you need help, let me know… I’m happy to help you design a welcome packet that will thrill your clients! Enjoy!

For more inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board about “Welcome Packets”. Be sure to follow me as I’ll be adding more and more pins with ideas for your new client ‘Welcome Packet’.

Do you use a Welcome Packet? What’s in yours? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you…

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