There can be no argument about the importance of images in attracting clients to a particular interior design website.

No one would bother to explore the contents of a site if it does not contain eye-catching images that can please the visual sense of the clients. With so many kinds of interior design website available online, it is extremely challenging to attract clients and keep them interested in the site.

Always remember that images should be used in the correct manner, or else, clients might get turned off because the images featured just overwhelmed or confused them.

While it is true that attractive design is important for reasons that need not be explained, the choice of design must be carefully considered against fulfilling the needs of clients. When the design vs. client needs balance is executed successfully, it could be safely said that the website has achieved its goals.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate images into your interior design website:

1. Justify the usage of the images

The most obvious problem that can be seen on web pages is the over-use of images.

Complicated, unnecessary images can take a long time to download, and this, of course, will not sit well with clients. The images should support the fast transfer of data and should also relate to the accompanying text.

2. Consistency should be a priority in using images in your website

3. Web pages should be optimized so that text will be downloaded before the images.

This way, the clients will know immediately if the page has the information that they are looking for, and if not, they will be able to save precious time.

4. Organized loading of images.

The images should load from top to bottom, so that the clients can see images as they scroll down the page.

5. Fast downloading time.

The downloading of pages should be fast in order to save clients’ waiting time. This will reduce the chances that they will get so frustrated that they will abandon plans to download.

  • Keep the physical size of the images to a minimum
  • Images should be combined in order to minimize the number of server connections. Remember, the more connections that exists, the slower the download time will be
  • Decrease image resolution
  • Limit the colors that will be used for the images
  • Limit the use of animation

6. Avoid Using Blinking Text..

It has long been regarded as an overused feature and the latest browsers no longer support it.

It takes a focused effort to establish and maintain the attractiveness and efficiency of an Interior Design website. If you follow the tips mentioned, all your efforts will bear desirable results = satisfied, high-end clients coming to your website and Pinterest boards.

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